The Addington Family Cemetery

Macon County, North Carolina


Compliled by the Historical Records Survey of North Carolina: 1940, worker: Horace J. Hurst


Name, born, died, remarks

Addington, C. A., b. July 29, 1833, d. Oct, 27, 1864, wife of J. B. Addington

Addington, Dora C., b. Oct 16, 1864, d. Feb 18, 1866, dau of J. B. and C. A. Addington

Addington, Mrs. Elizabeth, b. Mar 18, 1827, d. Dec 28, 1876, consort of J. H. Addington

Addington, Henry, b. Feb 28, 1789, d. Apr 19, 1878

Addington, James N., b. Sep 26, 1829, d. Sep 26, 1830, son of H. & M. Addington

Addington, James E., b. Apr 13, 1873, d. Sep 29, 1876, son of J. B. & M. L. Addington

Addington, John H., d. Oct 24, 1894, age 71 yrs.

Addington, Mary, b. Mar 10, 1795, d. Aug 28, 1850, she was a member of M. E. Church 46 yrs

Addington, Ora E., b. Sep 19, 1838, d. Sep 18, 1863

Dobson, Susan M., b. Mar 10, 1821, d. Nov 15, 1840, dau of H. & M. Addington and wife of J. W. Dobson


Not included in the above survey

Addington, James Brownlow, b. 1831, d. 1914


Photos of the Addington Family Cemetery taken July 1999 by D. V. Addington.


Recent Photos  July 2007


George Braxton Addington  1860-1927


Mary (Louise McPherson) Addington,  James Brownlow Addington


 Dora C. Addington, dau of J. B. and C. A. Addington



C. A. Addington, wife of J. B. Addington



Henry Addington  1789-1878



Mary, wife of H. Addington  1795-1859



Ara E., dau of J. B. and C. A. Addington  1858-1863





Susan Dobson, dau of H. and M. Addington 1821-1840


Susan Dobson, dau of H. and M. Addington 1821-1840



James E. Addington,  1873-1876


John H. Addington, d. 1894


Mrs. Elizabeth  Addington, consort of J. H. Addington


Footstone   E. A.


Arthur W.  Addington 1880-1934


Melvin E. Addington 1855-1908







To reach the Addington Cemetery, turn into the Prentiss Church of God and park on the small gravel parking area about 50 yards in.  The Addington Cemetery is 30 yards up the hill to the left



The Addington Family Cemetery is located off Addington Bridge Road, south of Franklin, NC (Take Highway 23 for 3.1 miles south of the intsection of 23 and 441, then go southwest on Addington Bridge Road, go 1.0 miles and the Addington Bed and Breakfast in on the west side of the road just before the road goes over the north fork of Skeenah Creek.)

May Key: 1 - location of the Addington Breakfast, 2 - location of the old Addington Mill before its removal, 3 - Addington Bridge Road, 4 - Location of the Addington Cemetery

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