Addington, Volume II, U. S. A. and England, by Hugh M. Addington, Franklin Printing Company, Kingsport, TN, 1960.

This book is a valiant attempt at documenting Addington families with an emphasis on the
descendants of Henry and Sarah Addington of South Carolina. However it has many errors that
need to be corrected for the record. You can not fault the author for his efforts but this was
written before inexpensive copying, microfilming, computer files and other wide spread forms of
communication have improved our ability to do genealogical research. The below corrections
are believed to be supported by factual data known and obtained by the reviewer. Comments
and further corrections are appreciated (email:

pg 1

A copy of the old family bible quoted in line 1 shows the Bible was purchased in 1877 by John
L. Addington, a great grandson of Henry Addington and the family data were entered at that
date or later. The Bible entry says Henry married Elizabeth Buson. This apparently is the only
time that Henry's wife was referred to as Elizabeth rather than Sarah and given the late date of
the record, it is probably incorrect.

View photo copy of the old Addington Bible

View transcription of the old Addington Bible

There is a record of Henry Addington renting a farm in Loudoun County, Virginia in 1765 and
transferring the lease in 1767 so I think Henry and his family first moved to Virginia and then
moved to SC between 1767 and 1772 (not in 1755).

The reference in Henry's will referring to putting money to interest is directed to a grandson
Henry, the son of James. Son Henry is mentioned in the will but little else is known about him.

View copy of Henry's Will

William Addington (A-1-1) bought the mill that Macalyn Lewellen had built about 1819.
William owned it by about 1830 and a latter owner was named Whipple and that is where the
name "Whipple Mill" came from.

Alcie could be a typo and really be Alice.

pg 2

Daughter Alice Garrett is evidently deceased by 1833 when John mentions her children in his
will. It is not clear whether the Garrett family moved north or stayed in SC.

Joseph Addington (A-1-3) and his first wife Rachel Randel had three sons named John Randel
Addington (b.1800), William Randel Addington (b.1802), and Joseph Randel Addington (b.
1804). I believe John Randel Addington died sometime between 1815 and 1830 because of no
further references to him. William Randel and Joseph Randel Addington both have many

pg 3

list of Joseph Addington (A-1-3) and his 2nd wife Celia Townsend should also include sons
Benjamin (b. 1824) and David (b. 1828)

2nd John (A-1-4), born 1777 moved north with his father in 1806 and had a large family.

3rd Thomas (A-1-5) is a son of John and Elizabeth (Heaton) Addington

5th through 11th on pages 3 - 6 are a continuation of the children of Thomas above and are
grandchildren of John and Elizabeth (Heaton) Addington.

pg 4

2nd paragraph Rev. George Elvin Addington's sons George Elvert Addington and Joseph
Harold Addington were killed in a train accident in 1931 and are buried near their parents in
New Dayton/Bear Creek Cemetery.

pg 7

John Addington (A-1) did not die in 1819 at Chester and is not buried in the old Ridgeville
Cemetery. John Addington was living with his youngest son James according to the 1820 and
1830 census. John's will was recorded in Wayne County in August 1833. There is a John
Addington, grandson of John Addington Sr., who is buried in the Ridgeville Cemetery with a
gravestone date of 1849. Several researchers believe that this gravestone was misread as 1819
and recorded as that of John Addington, Sr. There also seems to be some question about
whether John Addington, Sr. served in the Revolutionary War. He is listed in the DAR
reference but many researchers feel that the book is in error.

The 1910 reunion pamphlet mentioned can be seen on another webpage at this site.

pg 8

Mary Addington married Thomas Roberts on 26 Sep 1801 is South Carolina. Thomas died in
1831 in Wayne County, Indiana and Mary died on 12 Mar 1866 in Hancock County, Indiana

Sarah Addington married Phineas Roberts on 6 Nov 1806 and died 26 Aug 1814 in Wayne
County, Indiana.

Elizabeth died on 8 Mar 1841 in Wayne County, Indiana.

pg 9

James was the 7th child of John and Elizabeth (Heaton) Addington but John had 3 children by
his first wife Mary Lamb.

3rd paragraph The town of "Addington" OK was founded by the sons of Jarrett Addington
(A-2-10-1) who was born in SC in 1817. They later moved to TX and then later founded the
town of Addington in OK.

One of the sons, Thomas L. Addington, did move to OK but did not live in the town of
Addington. He is found in the 1910 and 1920 census of Canadian County, OK

4th paragraph The father "James" (A-1-9) died in October 1860 in Anderson Co., Kansas
according to the 1860 mortality census. John L. Addington (A-1-9-1) died on 1 Mar 1878 in
Hardin Co., Kansas. Nancy Fansher Addington died 9 Mar 1878 in Hardin Co. according to one

pg 17

It is uncertain what the Addington connection is with Juanita Violet Kolp.  The 1920 census lists a John N Kolp family with wife Bertha (age 39) and daughter Janeta (age 9).  Bertha is believed to be the daughter of Roscoe Dodd.  The 1870 census lists a William (age 41) Dodd family with wife Melvina (age 34) and son Roscoe (age 11).  The 1860 census lists a William (age 31)  Dodd family with wife Hannah (age 29) and son Roscoe (age 1).  This Hannah may be Hannah Addington, b. 1841, daughter of  (A-1-3-3) Joseph Randell Addington and his wife  Mary Barker.  That would make Hannah (Addington) Dodd a great grandmother of Januita Violet Kolp.

Mary Addington, who married James C. Dodd, was born 6 Nov 1837, the daughter of James
and Susan (Kelly) Addington.
Thomas L. Addington is the son of James and Nancy (Lewellen) Addington

pg 18

Elsworth Addington (A-1-9-5-5) is the son of Thomas Lewallyn and Margaret (Woodward)
Addington, who was a son of James Addington. (A-1-9)

Benjamin Addington (A-1-3-11, b.1824) is the son of Joseph and Celia (Townsend) Addington.

pg 19

should be Joseph Day (not Addington) was the first teacher of . . . .

David Addington (A-1-3-12, b. 1828) is the son of Joseph and Celia (Townsend) Addington.
The reference to some descendants living in St. Louis, MO refers to the Vern Addington family
who lived in St. Louis from 1959-1961, about the time that this book was pulished.

Lewis Addington (A-1-1-6-3, b. 1839) is the son of William and Mary (White) Addington, who
was the son of William Addington, who was the son of John and Mary (Lamb) Addington.

pg 21

This William Addington (A-1-1) is the first son of John (A-1) and Mary (Lamb) Addington and
the grandson of Henry and Sarah (Burson) Addington. He is not the second son of Henry and
Sarah Addington.

The children of William were Joshua (or Joseph), Bishop, Patsy, John, Jacob, William, Elsie,
Elizabeth, Joab. Jacob is only listed in this book and is not found in any other records so his
name may be a mistake.

pg 21 line 12

A-1-1-2 Bishop Addington, b. c1792, d. bef. 1840
m. 19 Apr 1816 Wayne Co., IN, Betsy Cain, b. 1799, SC
A-1-1-2-1 Nancy Addington, b. 15 Mar 1817, d. 20 Feb 1883
m. 15 Jul 1841, Wayne Co., Indiana, William Parsons
A-1-1-2-2 Samuel Addington, b. c1818
m. 30 Nov 1837, Randolph Co., IN, Elizabeth Robinson
m. 30 Oct 1842, Wayne Co., Indiana, Sarah Taylor
A-1-1-2-3 Abijah Addington, b. 20 May 1820, Wayne Co., Indiana, d. 31 Dec 1870,
Wayne Co., IN
m. 30 Jan 1845, Wayne Co., Indiana, Hulah Moore
m. 2nd 22 Dec 1850, Wayne Co., Indiana, Ann Adams, b. 22 Sep 1834, d. 14 Aug 1916

pg 22 line 2

A-1-1-2-3-3 Hulda Virginia "Jennie" Addington, b. 26 Jan 1856, d. 20 May 1875, m. Lon
A-1-1-2-3-4 Edgar Harrington "Fred" Addington, b. 4 Jun 1858, Richmond, Indiana, d. 5
Mar 1920, Hamilton Co., Ohio (1880, Hamilton Co., OH, 1920 Cowley Co., KS)
m. 7 Nov 1878, Wayne Co., Indiana, Maggie Doulon, d. 1887
A-1-1-2-3-5 Walter W. Addington, b. 1862, d. 1871
A-1-1-2-3-6 Frank W. Addington, b. 5 Nov 1865, (?1910 Washington Co., Oklahoma,
1920 Montgomery Co., OH), d. 1927, bur. Earlham Cem., Richmond, IN
m. 15 Dec 1886, Wayne Co., IN, Ardell Evans, b. Apr 1866, d. 1943, bur. Earlham Cem.,
Richmond, IN
A-1-1-2-4 Bishop Addington, Jr., b. Mar 1826, Indiana, d. 12 Oct 1904, Jay Co., Indiana
m. 12 Oct 1848, Wayne Co., Indiana, Delilah Maria Wile (or Weyl), b. 15 Sep 1832, IN,
d. 26 Feb 1904, Jay Co., Indiana

pg 22 line 23

Cane was the fifth child of Bishop A-1-1-2
A-1-1-2-5 Cane Addington, b. 1828, Indiana
A-1-1-2-6 Leander Addington, b. 1834, d. 28 Dec 1888, Richmond, Indiana

pg 23 line 21 -
Joshua or Joseph is actually the first born son.

A-1-1-1 Joshua (or Joseph) Addington, b. c1790, South Carolina, d. c1848, Ridgeville,
m. 28 Jan 1814, Wayne Co., Indiana, Rebecca Morgan, b. 1799, SC, (1850 Delaware
Co., IN), d. 1851, near Ridgeville
A-1-1-1-1 Maria "Polly" Addington, b. c1816, d. 1880
m. 5 Jan 1832, Wayne Co., Indiana, Charles Wilmott
A-1-1-1-2 Wiley Addington, b. c1822, m. Sarah ?, b. 1821, Virginia
A-1-1-1-3 Jonathan Addington, b. 1823, Wayne Co., Indiana, d. 1864, California
m. Margaret ?, b. 1828, Indiana
A-1-1-1-4 William Addington b. c1825/30, d. age 2
A-1-1-1-5 Elizabeth "Betsy" Addington, b. c1827
m. 21 Jan 1849, J. Richard (or Richmond) West, (lived Davis Co., IA)
A-1-1-1-6 Nancy Morgan Addington, b. 1825/6, d. 1924, Eureka or Hill City, Kansas
m. 21 Mar 1847, Benjamin Franklin Anderson
A-1-1-1-7 Minerva Jane Addington, b. 1833, Indiana
m. 16 Sep 1850, Delaware Co., Indiana, William Alexander
A-1-1-1-8 David Morgan Addington, b. 9 Jul 1835, Richmond, Indiana, d. 3 May 1922,
Seattle, Washington (1880, 1900 and 1910 Montgomery Co., Kansas)
m. 1 May 1859, Wayne Co., Indiana, Eliza Jane Thompson, b. 19 Dec 1840, Richmond,
IN, d. 12 Dec 1863, Wayne Co., IN
A-1-1-1-9 Lorena Seravie Addington, b. 1840, IN, d. bef. 1903
m. 19 Sep 1860, Wayne Co., Indiana, Milton Catey, b. 1838

pg 23 line 26

A-1-1-3 Patsy Addington, b. 1800, m. 23 Jan 1820, Wayne Co., Indiana, Samuel Prevoe
A-1-1-4 John Addington, b. 1802, d. 1 May 1849, Randolph Co., Indiana, bur. Ridgeville
m. 12 Sep 1822, Wayne Co., Indiana, Lucretia Roberts, d. 30 Jan 1844, bur. Ridgeville
A-1-1-4-1 Bishop Addington, b. 17 Mar 1823, d. 30 Apr 1881
m. 8 Jan 1845, Randolph Co., Indiana, Amanda Paxton, b. 1825, Pennsylvania, bur.
Earlham Cem., Richmond, IN
A-1-1-4-1 m. 2nd 20 Dec 1852, Wayne Co., Indiana, Sarah Jane Smith, d. 1857, bur.
Earlham Cem., Richmond, IN
A-1-1-4-1 m. 3rd 8 Jul 1857, Wayne Co., Indiana, Julie Ann Anderson, d. 1861, bur.
Earlham Cem., Richmond, IN
A-1-1-4-1 m. 4th 24 Nov 1861, Wayne Co., IN, Mary Caroline Burdsall, b. 1843, Ohio, d.
15 Dec 1920
A-1-1-4-1-2 Sheriden Addington, b. 13 Dec 1865, d. 26 Mar 1914
A-1-1-4-1-3 Alta Addington, b. 9 Nov 1867, d. 13 Mar 1886, Wayne Co., Indiana
A-1-1-4-1-4 Martin Luther Addington, b. 15 Sep 1869 (1920 Marion Co., IN)
m. 8 Feb 1893, Wayne Co., Indiana, Fredericke Bescher
A-1-1-4-1-5 Ursula Addington, b. 22 Sep 1871, m. I. W. Humphrey
A-1-1-4-1-6 Nellie Addington, b. 26 Aug 1875
m. 29 Dec 1897, Wayne Co., Indiana, Clarence M. Hunt

A-1-1-4-2 Benjamin Addington, b. 1824, Indiana
m. 12 May 1852, Randolph Co., Indiana, Louisa (Gray) (Atkinson) Addington, widow of
A-1-1-4-3 Kathern Addington, b. 1826, d. 27 Feb 1913
m. 29 Mar 1846, Wayne Co., Indiana, Madison Sullivan, b. 1823, d. 1903
A-1-1-4-4 William Addington b. 1825/35 (?1880 Union Co., KY)
m. Mary ?
A-1-1-4-5 Elizabeth Addington, b. 1831, Indiana
m. 27 Oct 1861, Wayne Co., Indiana, Freeman Burdsall
A-1-1-4-6 Drusila Addington, m. 6 Oct 1850, William G. Bundy
A-1-1-4-7 Nacon Addington, b. 1839, d. 3 Apr 1863, Co. C, 84th Reg., bur. Earlham
Cem., Richmond, IN
m. 9 Oct 1862, Wayne Co., Indiana, Anna Burdsall
A-1-1-4-8 John Addington, Jr., b. 1842, d. ? 12 Sep 1864, Civil War, 84th Indiana Reg.
A-1-1-4 m. 2nd 18 Apr 1845, Randolph Co., Indiana, Louisa (Gray) Atkinson, b. c1820,
A-1-1-4-9 Susan Addington, b. 1847
A-1-1-4-10 Miriam Lucretia Addington, b. 1849

pg 24 line 17

Ursula was the fifth child of Bishop Addington, son of John, son of William

pg 27

We have little information on the daughters of William other than what is presented in this book.
A-5-1 Jane Addington, b. Jan 1786, d. bet. 1845 and 1848, m. ? Shettlesworth
A-5-4 Sarah Addington, b. c1790, SC, d. bef. 2 Dec 1848, Murray Co., GA
m. Jeremiah Harrison
A-5-9 Delilah Addington, b. 1804, m. Huckaby
A-5-10 Martha Addington, b. 30 Mar 1802, d. 16 Jun 1881, Coryell Co., TX, m. 1 Aug
1822, Buncombe Co., NC, James Hicks
A-5-11 Polly Addington, b. 1808, m. Logan
A-5-12 Elizabeth Addington, b. 1810, m. Curtis

A-5-2 John Addington, b. 10 Nov 1788, South Carolina, d. 1861, GA
m. 1 May 1808, Gilmer Co., GA, Rachel Miller, b. 1791
A-5-2-1 Delila Addington, b. 1809, m. Ledford
A-5-2-2 Hannah Addington, b. 1810, m. Harratt
A-5-2-3 William Addington, b. 27 Sep 1811, Buncombe Co., NC, d. 27 October 1857
m. Elizabeth
A-5-2-3 William Addington, b. 27 Sep 1811, Buncombe Co., NC, d. 27 October 1857
m. Elizabeth
A-5-2-4 Henry Addington, b. 1812, NC, d. 1878
m. Martha Ann Holt, b. 1816, d. 1893
A-5-2-5 Carolyn Addington, b. 1815, m. Wynn
A-5-2-6 Margaret Addington, b. Nov 1819, m. Ralston
A-5-2-7 Jesse R. Addington, b. 1820, NC, m. 12 Nov 1842, Mary Ann "Polly" Smith
A-5-2-7 m. 2nd Caroline ?
A-5-2-8 Mary Addington, b. 1823, m. Ellington
A-5-2-9 John Miller Addington, b. 1827, Buncombe Co., NC
m. 2 Apr 1846, Gilmer Co., GA, Sarah Ann Marks

pg 28

A-5-3 Henry Addington, b. 28 Feb 1789, d. 19 Apr 1878, Macon Co., GA
m. 11 Jun 1818, Mary Weaver, b. 10 Mar 1795, d. 28 Aug 1859
A-5-3-1 Jacob Weaver Addington, b. 27 Aug 1819, d. 22 Jan 1898, Oneonta, Blount Co.,
m. 26 Sep 1840, Franklin, Macon Co., NC, Mary L. Dobson
A-5-3-2 Susanna Matilda Addington, b. 10 Mar 1821, d. 15 Nov 1840, Franklin, Macon
Co., NC
m. 20 Dec 1839, Joseph W. Dobson, d. 1841
A-5-3-3 John Hardy Addington, b. 25 Aug 1823, Macon Co., NC, d. 24 Oct 1894, Macon
Co., NC
m. 1 Apr 1841, Elizabeth Bernard, b. 1827, d. 1876
A-5-3-4 William Monterville Addington, b. 7 Oct 1827, Macon Co., NC, d. 10 Jun 1894,
Macon Co., NC, m. 1 Mar 1864, Virginia R. Trotter
A-5-3-5 James Newton Addington, b. 26 Sep 1829, d. 26 Sep 1830
A-5-3-6 James Brownlow Addington, b. 10 Aug 1831, Macon Co., NC, d 18 Aug 1914,
Macon Co., NC, m. 27 Oct 1857, Macon Co., NC, Cordelia A. Wykle

pg 32

A-5-5 William Addington, b. 1795, Newberry Co., SC, (1850 Itawamba Co., MS)
m. Mary ?
A-5-5-1 Margaret Addington, b. 26 Jan 1815
A-5-5 m. 2nd Mary Ann Townsend, b. 1820, AL
A-5-5-2 Mary Addington, b. 1843, AL
A-5-5-3 William Addington, b. 1845, AL, d. bef 1860
A-5-5-4 James M. Addington, b. 15 Mar 1847, AL, d. 2 Dec 1929, Monroe Co., MS
m. 12 Nov 1874, Monroe Co., MS, Mary Jane Ritter
A-5-5-5 John Thomas Addington, b. 28 Jul 1849, Greenwood Springs, Monroe Co., MS, d
28 Feb 1904, Greenwood Springs, MS, m. 5 Mar 1878, Monroe Co., MS, Minerva Ellen

A-5-5 Moses Addington, b. 1797, d. 1856, m. Lydia Duckett
A-5-5-1 Avaline C. Addington
A-5-5-2 Loranzo Dow Addington, b. 16 Jul 1818, NC (1880 Benton Co., AR), d. bet.
1884 and 1900, Benton Co., AR, m. Valyncia Connelly
A-5-5-3 Lowry Thompson Addington, b. 9 Oct 1820, Buncombe Co., NC, d. 9 Mar 1892,
Easley, Pickens Co., SC, m. 27 Dec 1854, Gilmer Co., GA, Mary A. Boon, m. 2nd 1865,
Pickens Co., SC, Sara Jane Miller
A-5-5-4 William Askew Addington, b. Jun 1823, NC, d. 29 Jun 1905, Wisconsin
m. 16 Oct 1845, Franklin, Macon Co., GA, Adeline Amanda Kelly, b. c1826, NC
A-5-5-4-7 Robert T. Addington, b. Jan 1860, AL (1920 Pine Co., MN)
m. Lula ? Young, b. 1868, WS

"L. M. Addington" story on pg 33
A-5-5-4-5-7 Lee Monroe Addington, b. 7 Feb 1892, WI, d. 10 Feb 1977

A-5-5-5 Sarah Ann Addington, b. 5 Jan 1827, Franklin, Macon Co., NC, d. 15 Mar 1905,
Macon Co., GA
m. 15 Aug 1855, Macon Co., NC, John Stephen Potts
A-5-5-6 Thomas Spiers Addington, b. 22 Mar 1829, Macon Co., NC, d. 19 Jun 1911, Clay
Co., NC
m. 5 Nov 1854, Martha Ann Elizabeth Ripley
A-5-5-7 Moses Henley Addington, b. 25 Sep 1831, NC, d. 3 Apr 1902/3, Anderson Co.,
TX (1880 Anderson Co., TX)
m. 28 Mar 1855, DeKalb Co., GA, Mary Mandeline Hardman, b. 1840, GA
A-5-5-8 L. C. Addington
A-5-5-9 Mary Catherine Addington, b. 22 Apr 1836, Macon Co., NC, d. 17 Nov 1914,
Union Co., GA, m. 25 Jan 1874, Milus Lusk "Mike" Potts
A-5-5-10 Harriet Addington

pg 34

A-5-7 James Addington, b. 1799 NC, d. 1861, Fannin Co., GA, m. Winifred Woodfin, b.
A-5-7-1 Henry Addington, b. Feb 1818, Buncombe Co., NC
m. 5 Jan 1843, Fannin Co., GA, Sarah R. Smith
A-5-7-2 Rachel Matilda Addington, b. 1 Apr 1820, d. 27 Mar 1858, m. 1 Apr 1841, Union
Co., GA, John Bailess Smith
A-5-7-3 William Riley Addington, b. Aug 1822, d. 1863, m. Martha Lucinda Smith
A-5-7-4 Joseph Huckabee Addington, b. 14 Dec

1824, NC, d. 21 Aug 1862, GA
m. 23 Sep 1849, Gilmer Co., GA, Martha Susanna Addington
A-5-7-5 James M. Addington, b. Apr 1827, d. 1908, ID, m. Matilda Ann Bradley
A-5-7-6 Moses Walton Addington, b. 1832, NC, d. 8 Nov 1908, bur. Pine City, WA (1880
Boone Co., AR), m. Mary A. Thompson
A-5-7-7 Mary Elizabeth Addington, b. 8 Sep 1834, NC, d. 30 Mar 1904, Morgan Mill, TX,
m. 6 Feb 1856, Fannin Co., GA, John Avery Huckabee
A-5-7-8 Altha "Alphey" Addington, b. 1838
A-5-7-9 Harriet Addington, b. 1840

pg 36

A-5-8 March Addington, b. 30 Mar 1802, d. 10 Jan 1881, Union Co., GA
m. Sarah Moore
A-5-8-1 Joab W. Addington, b. 1825
A-5-8-2 son, d. infancy
A-5-8-3 Moses Addington, b. 11 Apr 1828, d. 2 Dec 1840
A-5-8-4 Margaret Addington, b. 1830
A-5-8-5 Jane Adaline Addington, b. 15 Feb 1832
A-5-8-6 Mary Addington, b. 1834
A-5-8-7 Sarah Catherine Addington, b. 1835, Union Co., GA, d. 9 Jan 1919, Newkirk, Kay
Co., OK
m. 16 Apr 1854, Union Co., GA, Benjamin Jasper Crumley
A-5-8-8 Netty Addington, b. 1838, Union Co., GA, m. 20 Dec 1857, Union Co., GA,
Adolphus M. Armour
A-5-8-9 William M. Addington, b. 1840, m. Sarah Ann Penland
A-5-8-10 Ann Addington, b. 1843
A-5-8-11 John March Addington, 22 Nov 1844, Blairsville, Union Co., GA, d. 1926,
Huerfano Co., CO (1880 Herfano Co., CO)
m. 11 Oct 1866, Blairsville, GA, Sarah Elizabeth Butts
A-5-8-12 son, d. infancy
A-5-8 m. 2nd Emily Elizabeth White
A-5-8-13 Mary Zenobia "Nobe" Addington, b. 10 May 1848, Blairsville, Union, Co., GA,
d. 28 Jul 1907, Morganton, Fannin Co., GA, m. 18 Dec 1872, Oscar Fitzallen Chastain
A-5-8-14 Emma Elizabeth Addington, b. 31 Oct 1850

pg 37 line 14

Sons Henry(A-2-4) and James(A-2-7) of James (A-2) moved north to Indiana in 1806. Son
John(A-2-9) remained in the south. We know very little about son Thomas(A-2-1) except for a
marriage record. Thomas probably died in his 20s.

The reference to large real estate holding here probably refers to the sons of William and Delilah
Addington rather than the sons of James. see pg 27 line 14 for a further reference.

pg 37 line 20

The reference to money being put to interest in Henry's will refers to his grandson Henry
(A-2-4), son of James. This grandson Henry married Elizabeth Randel in SC and then moved
north with his uncle John in 1806. He died on 18 Aug 1855 in Miami County, Indiana so this
must be the reference to Henry dying in Indianapolis.

Little is known about Henry, Jr. the son of Henry and Sarah Addington. Family legends say he
was a loyalist and left South Carolina after the war. Some records indicate he may have moved
to Savannah where a Henry Addington's name appears in some real estate records.

Notes by David V. Addington, Houston, Texas

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