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The below descendants lists are taken from the book: Addingtons of the United States of America by David Vern Addington and George H. Bull, published in 1998.


Maryland/ Kentucky Addingtons

AM Maryland Addington Patriarch, name unknown, probably father of below [Immigrant #5]

Maryland records:
Richard Addington (1800 and 1810 Calvert County, MD census age 26-45)
Sarah Addington, m. 29 May 1788, Anne Arundel, MD, Geo. S. Paulk
Mary Addington, m. 27 Apr 1780, Anne Arundel, MD, James Douglas
Dorcus Addington m. 1778, St. James Parish, Anne Arundel, MD, Richard White

AM-1 Richard Addington,
m. 1787, Prince George Co., Maryland, Eliza Clarke
AM-1-1 Joseph Clarke Addington, b. c1787-1794, d. 1840/50 (1820 Norfolk, Virginia)
m. Frances, b. 1796, VA
AM-1-1-1 Virginia Addington, m. 30 Nov 1836, Norfolk, Rev. Leroy M. Lee
AM-1-1-2 Joseph C. H. Addington, b. c1813, VA (1870 Norfolk Co. census)
m. Virginia Hardwood, b. 1814
AM-1-1-2-1 Elizabeth Leslie Addington, b. c1837, dnm
AM-1-1-2-2 John H. Addington, b. c1838, d. in Civil War
AM-1-1-2-3 Susan G. Addington, b. c1840
AM-1-1-2-4 Joseph C. Addington, III, b. c1842, ni
AM-1-1-2-5 Ruth Addington, b. c1844, VA
AM-1-1-2-6 James D. Addington, b. c1846, VA
AM-1-1-2-6-1 Keen H. Addington, b. 7 Mar 1874, VA (lived in Chicago) (1920 Lake Co., IL)
m. Florence ?
AM-1-1-2-6-1-1 Florence Addington, b. c1905, IL
AM-1-1-2-6-1-2 James A. Addington, b. c1908, IL
AM-1-1-2-6-2 Virginia Addington, (lived in Chicago)
AM-1-1-2-7 William B. Addington, b. c1851, d. 1899, St. Louis, m. Clara G. ?
AM-1-1-2-7-1 Leroy H. Addington, b. 10 Sep 1894, St. Louis, MO
AM-1-1-2-7-2 Helen Hardwood Addington
AM-1-1-2-8 Daniel (?David) F. Addington, b. c1853, in St. Louis, m. Mary Birch
AM-1-1-2-8-1 J. C. Addington, IV
AM-1-1-2-8-2 J. I. B. Addington
AM-1-1-2-8-3 L. V. S. Addington
AM-1-1-2-9 Frank Addington, b. 1855, VA
AM-1-1-2-10 Francis A. Addington, b. 1855, VA
AM-1-1-2-11 daughter, d. infancy
AM-1-1-3 (William) Henry Addington, b. c1815, VA
m. Selia A. ?
AM-1-1-4 Richard Addington, b. 1818, Baltimore
AM-1-1-5 (or AM-1-1-2-1) Andrew John Addington, b. c1831 (1860 Henrico Co., VA) (could this be Andrew J.,
age 42 in Richmond in 1870)
m. Eudorah E. ?
AM-1-1-5-1 William H. Addington, b. c1855, VA
AM-1-1-5-2 Aloza Addington, b. c1856, VA
AM-1-1-5-3 Charles Addington, b. c1858, VA
AM-1-1-6 Eliza Addington, m. ? Berry, Norfolk
AM-2 Henrietta Addington (moved to Ohio Co., KY in 1800 from Montgomery Co., Maryland))
m. William Phipps

AM-3 Henry William Addington (Henry William perhaps brother of Richard Addington, Maryland census
records: Richard Addington (1800 and 1810 Calvert County, MD census, age 26-45), Henry younger brother
of Henrietta Addington who married William Phipps and moved to Ohio Co., KY in 1800 from Montgomery
Co., MD)
b. 6 Mar 1774, MD, d. Nov 1850, Ohio Co., KY
m. 1 Dec 1799 or 23 Jan 1804, Ohio Co., KY, Dorcus Barnard (? Dorcus Addington m. Thompson
Bishop, 4 Mar 1852)
AM-3-1 Joshua B. Addington, b. 11 Nov 1804, KY, bur. Equality Methodist Church Cem., near Centertown,
m. 4 Mar 1828, Sally Cooper
AM-3-1-1 Dorcas Ann Addington, b. 10 Jan 1831, KY, d. 1860, m. Thompson T. Bishop
AM-3-1-2 John Henry Addington, b. 11 Oct 1832, d. 1840/50
AM-3-1-3 Nancy Emmeline Addington. b. 25 Dec 1833, d. 23 Aug 1897, m. 27 Oct 1868, James Curtis
AM-3-1 m. 2nd 7 Oct 1834, Sally Iglehart, b. 1805, KY
AM-3-1-4 Mary Jane Addington, b. 4 Sep 1837, d. 21 May 1925, m. 17 Mar 1855, Thomas Bishop
AM-3-1-5 William B. Addington, b. c1839, m. Newletta Brown, d. during Civil War
AM-3-1-5-1 Julia Isabelle Addington, b. Henderson Ashby
AM-3-1-6 Davis "Doc" Addington, b. 7 Oct 1840, (1900 Warrick Co., IN)
m. ? 15 Oct 1863, Warrick Co., Indiana, Eliza Ellen Cain (his cousin, d/o John and Sarah Cain)
AM-3-1-6-1 William Samuel Addington, b. 7 Nov 1864 (1920 Ohio Co., KY)
m. 13 Dec 1885, Ida Frances Thompson
AM-3-1-6-1-1 Claud Earl Addington, b. 27 Aug 1886, IN, d. 20 Feb 1961
m. 28 Apr 1907, Alma Gerturde Purdue, b. 10 Sep 1886, IN
AM-3-1-6-1-1-1 Doris Aleene Addington (author), b. 17 Jul 1909, IN, m. John Henry Holst
AM-3-1-6-1-1-1-1 Doris Joyce Holst, b. 23 Jul 1929, m. Albert H. Arnholter
AM-3-1-6-1-1-2 Mabel Lillian Addington, b. 20 Jan 1911, IN, m. Duard Ball
AM-3-1-6-1-1-3 Norma Lucille Addington, b. 17 Aug 1912, IN, m. Charles Purl
AM-3-1-6-1-1-4 Kenneth Hoover Addington, b. 15 May 1914, IN
m. Thelma Juanita Dunaway
AM-3-1-6-1-1-4-1 Wilma Mae Addington, b. 20 Jan 1939
AM-3-1-6-1-1-4-2 Janice Kay Addington, b. 10 Apr 1947
AM-3-1-6-1-1-5 Ida Ellen Addington, b. 5 Dec 1915, IN, m. Robert Nelson
AM-3-1-6-1-1-6 Claud Raymond Addington, b. 8 Sep 1917, IN, m. Alice Rae Nacke
AM-3-1-6-1-1-6-1 Phillip Glenn Addington, b. 7 Jan 1940, Spencer Co., IN
AM-3-1-6-1-1-6-2 Jacqueline Sue Addington, b. 5 Jul 1941, Hardin Co., KY
AM-3-1-6-1-1-6-3 Brenda Lou Addington, b. 2 Jun 1943, Hardin Co., KY
AM-3-1-6-1-1-6-4 Sharon Leah Addington, b. 23 Oct 1945, Hardin Co., KY
AM-3-1-6-1-1-6-5 Doris Diane Addington, b. 5 Feb 1949, Hardin Co., KY
AM-3-1-6-1-1-6-6 Raymond Claude Addington, b. 14 Jul 1954, Hardin Co., KY
AM-3-1-6-1-1-6-7 Kevin Dale Addington, b. 5 Aug 1961, Hardin Co., KY
AM-3-1-6-1-1-7 Nina Gertrude Addington, b. 15 Sep 1919, IN, m. Lawrence Singer
AM-3-1-6-1-1-8 Wanda Jewel Addington, b. 2 Aug 1921, IN, m. Ray Cecil
AM-3-1-6-1-1-9 Samuel Henry Addington, b. 21 Jan 1923, IN, m. Betty Sells
AM-3-1-6-1-1-9-1 Pamela Addington
AM-3-1-6-1-2 Orville Addington, d. infancy
AM-3-1-6-1-3 Roy Francis Addington, 26 Sep 1891, Boonville, IN, m. Annabelle Hurt
AM-3-1-6-1-3-1 Margaret Addington, b. 13 Nov 1917
AM-3-1-6-1-3-2 Leslie R. Addington, b. 4 Feb 1919, m. Doris Underhill
AM-3-1-6-1-3-2-1 Ada Ann Addington, b. 13 Sep 1942
AM-3-1-6-1-3-2-2 David L. Addington, b. 24 Nov 1944
AM-3-1-6-1-3-2-3 Janice L. Addington, b. 18 Jan 1946
AM-3-1-6-1-3-2-4 Karen L. Addington, b. 22 Nov 1948
AM-3-1-6-1-3-2-5 K. Brian Addington, b. 10 Apr 1952
AM-3-1-6-1-3-2-6 Elisa R. Addington, b. 22 Oct 1955
AM-3-1-6-1-3-2-7 Andrew Ross Addington, b. 24 Nov 1959
AM-3-1-6-1-3-3 Leroy E. Addington, b. 30 Nov 1921, m. ? Harrison
AM-3-1-6-1-3-3-1 Christina Addington, b. 8 Feb 1956
AM-3-1-6-1-3-3-2 Leigh Ann Addington, b. 4 Oct 1958
AM-3-1-6-1-3-3-3 John Roy Addington, b. 3 Feb 1960
AM-3-1-6-1-3-3-4 Barbara Jo Addington, b. 10 Apr 1961
AM-3-1-6-1-3-3-5 Laura Elizabeth Addington, b. 23 May 1964
AM-3-1-6-1-4 Clarence Charles Addington, b. 23 Nov 1893, IN, c1955, m. Josephine Harriet Fickas
AM-3-1-6-1-4-1 Marian Addington, b. c1918, IN
AM-3-1-6-1-4-2 Edna Addington, b. c1919, IN
AM-3-1-6-1-4-3 Clarence Addington, Jr.
AM-3-1-6-1-4-4 Eugene Addington
AM-3-1-6-1-5 Dwight A. Addington, b. c1897, IN, m Grace Hurt, m. 2nd Ada Graham
AM-3-1-6-1-5-1 William Samuel Addington, m. Virginia Marshall
AM-3-1-6-1-5-2 Kathryn L. Addington, m. James Derr
AM-3-1-6-1-6 Vern H. Addington, b. c1899, IN, d. infancy
AM-3-1-6-1-7 Juel A. Addington, b. 29 Oct 1901, d. 20 Sep 1964, m. Reid Kerns
AM-3-1-6-1-8 Ruby Addington, b. Mar 1906, m. Ford Gale Lacey
AM-3-1-6-2 Alice Addington, b. c1867
AM-3-1-6-3 Joshua Addington, d. infancy
AM-3-1-6-4 Jasper Davis Addington, b. 27 Jul 1869, d. 17 Feb 1940, bur. Maple Grove Cem.
m. Minnie Margaret White
AM-3-1-6-4-1 Dee Thomas Addington, 13 Mar 1893, IN, m. Emma Lemmons
AM-3-1-6-4-1-1 Helen Addington, b. 1 Jan 1916, m. Clyde Aders
AM-3-1-6-4-1-2 Minnie Addington, d. in infancy
AM-3-1-6-4-1-3 Mary Evelyn Addington, d. in infancy
AM-3-1-6-4-1-4 Mason Addington, d. in infancy
AM-3-1-6-4-1-5 Jasper Truman Addington, d. in infancy
AM-3-1-6-4-2 Annie N. Addington, 29 Mar 1897, IN, m. Nathan Beeler
AM-3-1-6-5 Harold Addington, m. Minnie Scott, m. 2nd Maggie Sharp, m. 3rd Cecelia Sharp
AM-3-1-6-5-1 Nannie Addington
AM-3-1-6-6 Flora Addington
AM-3-1-6-7 Minnie Belle Addington, b. 31 May 1877
AM-3-1-6-8 James Bea Addington, b. 13 Nov 1879, IN, d. 18 May 1965, m. Bertha Powell
AM-3-1-6-8-1 William Addington, d. infancy
AM-3-1-6-8-2 Beatrice Addington, b. c1903, m. ? Williams
AM-3-1-6-8-3 Nellie Addington, b. 1905, m. Chester McCool
AM-3-1-6-8-4 Florence Addington, b. c1908, m. Ray Lampton
AM-3-1-6-8-5 Walter Addington, b. c1911, m. 1st Olga Ritter, m. 2nd Ionetta Wiseman
AM-3-1-6-8-5-1 Doris J. Addington
AM-3-1-6-8-6 Nera Addington, b. c1912, m. Porter Barnett
AM-3-1-6-8-7 Lillian Addington, b. c1914, m. Jacob Kirsch
AM-3-1-6-8-8 Elizabeth Addington, b. c1919, m. Woodrow Holder
AM-3-1-6-8-9 Marjorie Addington, m. Clifford Warner
AM-3-1-6-9 Lizzie E. Addington, b. Apr 1883, IN, d. 16 Dec 1910
AM-3-1-6-9-1 Oscar Addington
AM-3-1-6-10 Herbert T. Addington, b. Jan 1887, IN, m. Flora Cabbage, m. 2nd Jessie Parker
AM-3-1-6 m. 2nd Hester Brammer, ni
AM-3-1-6 m. 3rd Lizzie Tennyson, ni
AM-3-1-7 Rachael Emmeline Addington, b. 13 Feb 1843, m. 27 Oct 1868, Sylvester Curtis
AM-3-1-8 Andrew Jackson Addington, b. 1 Oct 1844, Ohio Co., KY, d. 1923
m. 14 Feb 1865, Rhoda Jane Brown (1900 Ohio Co., KY), d. 1896
AM-3-1-8-1 Rachel E. Addington, b. 28 Jul 1866, IN, m. Joe Dexter
AM-3-1-8-2 James Robert Addington, b. 22 Sep 1868, d. 5 Dec 1949, m. Sibelia Ashby (1920 Ohio Co., KY)
AM-3-1-8-2-1 Dewey Addington, m. 1914, Walker West
AM-3-1-8-2-2 Essie Addington, m. 1925, Kelly Burham
AM-3-1-8-3 William Blackman Addington, b. 7 May 1872, m. 16 Dec 1895, Eddie Bell Addington
AM-3-1-8-3-1 Oral Addington, b. Bill Smith
AM-3-1-8-4 Minnie Mary Addington, b. 27 Feb 1874, KY, d. 21 Feb 1958, m. John Iglehart
AM-3-1-8-5 Henry Elsworth Addington, b. 9 Dec 1876, KY, m. Willie Louis Rowe
AM-3-1-8-5-1 Violet Addington, b. 1 May 1910, m. 17 Nov 1920 Leonard Carter
AM-3-1-8-5-2 Everett Addington, b. 12 Sep 1903, m. 1922, Eva Maddox
AM-3-1-8-5-3 Vetress Addington, b. 13 Nov 1907, m. Frank McClain
AM-3-1-8-5-4 Earl Addington, b. 26 Feb 1913, m. Feb 1934, Gertie Jackson
AM-3-1-8-5-5 Rayburn Addington, d. 21 Jun 1963, m. Delphine ?
AM-3-1-8-6 Sallie Isabelle Addington, b. 25 Dec 1878, KY, d. age 5
AM-3-1-8-7 Elzie Jane Addington, b. 8 Feb 1882, KY, m. Will Harper
AM-3-1-8-8 Ellie Lee Addington, b. 8 Feb 1884. KY, m. Woodie Harper
AM-3-1-9 Elisha F. Addington, b. 19 Mar 1847, KY (1900 Ohio Co., KY), dnm
AM-3-1-10 George W. Addington, b. 1849, d. 17 Apr 1852
AM-3-1-11 Martha Elizabeth Addington, b. 22 Jan 1850, d. 29 Apr 1919, m. 7 Apr 1869, Wm Balls
AM-3-1 m. 3rd Rosie Phipps, ni
AM-3-2 Sarah Addington, b. 1809, m. 9 Mar 1830, John Cain
AM-3-3 Jemima Addington, b. 1810, m. Samuel Ganter or Gentry
AM-3-4 William Blackman Addington, b. c1811, KY, d. 12 Apr 1893
m. 19 Nov 1834, Nancy Coleman, b. 24 Sep 1811, KY, d. 1 Mar 1893
AM-3-4-1 Harriet Ann Addington, b. 3 Mar 1836, m. 17 Dec 1854, Ohio Co., KY, William L. Brown
AM-3-4-2 John Wesley Addington, b. 25 May 1840, d. 28 Feb 1896, KY
m. 12 Sep 1861, KY, Cordelia Drake, b. c1850, KY (1900 Ohio Co., KY)
AM-3-4-2-1 Ada B. Addington, b. c1869, KY, m. Willie B. Addington
AM-3-4-2-2 John Lee Addington, b. 1 Dec 1872, KY, m. Bettie Allen (1910 Ohio Co., KY, 1920 Muhlenberg
Co., KY)
AM-3-4-2-2-1 Josie L. Addington, b. c1907, KY
AM-3-4-2-2-2 Elwood Addington, b. c1909, KY
AM-3-4-2-3 James Herman Addington, b. 10 Feb Feb 1876, KY, m. Nancy Jane Ashby
AM-3-4-2-4 Mary D. Addington, b. 1879, KY
AM-3-4-2-5 Laura Addington, b. c1881, KY
AM-3-4-2-6 Luther Alvin Addington, b. 7 Mar 1882, KY, m. Ora Lee Brown (1920 Ohio Co., KY)
AM-3-4-2-6-1 Ada E. Addington, b. c1915, KY
AM-3-4-2-6-2 Myrtle M. Addington, b. c1916, KY
AM-3-4-2-6-3 Oswall Addington, b. c1920, KY
AM-3-4-2-7 Ida Addington, b. c1885, KY, m. Henderson Bishop
AM-3-4-2-8 Altha Addington, b. c1887, KY, m. Elmer Mitchell
AM-3-4-2-9 Archie Wayne Addington, b. 22 Nov 1888, KY, dnm
AM-3-4-3 Altha Celia (daughter) Addington, b. c1844, m. 16 Nov 1859, James Ben Brown
AM-3-4-4 William M. Addington, b. c1846, m. 17 Oct 1870, Margaret P. Kimbley
AM-3-4-4-1 Orie Q. Addington, b. May 1879, Ohio Co., KY, ?? m. J. C. Withrow
AM-3-4-4-2 Henry "Pigman" Addington, b. 11 May 1876, m. Ester Meyerhofer (1910 & 1920 Ohio Co., KY)
AM-3-4-4-2-1 Glassis Addington, b. c1906, KY
AM-3-4-4-2-2 Marven P. Addington, b. c1908, KY
AM-3-4-4-2-3 John M. Addington, b. c1910, KY
AM-3-4-4-2-4 Woodrow W. Addington, b. c1913, KY
AM-3-4-4-3 Frank Ray Addington, b. 12 Dec 1880, m. Grace Reid
AM-3-4-4-4 William Kimbley Addington, 4 Aug 1882, m. Eyla Withrow
AM-3-4-4-5 John Addington, b. 15 Jan 1889, m. Lucy Brown (1920 Ohio Co., KY)
AM-3-4-4-5-1 India M. Addington, b. c1914, KY
AM-3-4-4-6 Ersa Addington, b. Dec 1891, m. Berry Brown
AM-3-4-4-7 Nancy Addington, b. c1895, m. Robert Shutt
AM-3-4-5 Mary D. Addington, b. c1849
AM-3-4-6 Loretta J. Addington, b. c1854, m. 10 Mar 1880, Romulus Culbertson
AM-3 m. 2nd 2 Mar 1815, Ohio Co., KY, Polly Davis
AM-3-5 Lucy Jane Addington, b. 1821, m. ? Romey Perigo, d. 1859 Warrick Co., IN
AM-3-6 Dorcus Anna Addington, m. 28 Mar 1837, Thomas Duke
AM-3-7 Mary G. Addington, m. William Overton, m. 2nd Rev. James Taylor
AM-3-8 Marinda Lucetta Addington, b. 1830, m. 17 Nov 1847, James Fletcher Brown
AM-3-9 Virgil Porter Addington, b. 1833, d. 14 Aug 1883, m. 3 Dec 1855, Dorcas Ann Barnes
AM-3-9-1 Lelia Addington, m. Jesse Fogle (1900 Ohio Co., KY)
AM-3-9-1-1 Annie Laurie Fogle, m. Thomas B. Petrie
AM-3-9-1-2 McDowell Addington Fogle, b. 22 Jun 1888, m. 22 Nov 1922, Cleon Genung, ni


John Addington of Connecticut / New York

Connecticut/New York Addingtons

AC John Addington of Connecticut, b. c1719, [Immigrant #3]
m. Hannah Hobby, b. 1719
AC-1 John Addington, b. 8 Sep 1743, Fairfield Co., CT
m. 2 Jul 1769, Greenwich Township, Fairfield Co., CT, Elizabeth Hays
AC-1-1 Thomas Addington, b. 22 Sep 1770, Fairfield Co., CT
AC-1-2 John Addington, b. 11 Mar 1772, Fairfield Co., CT
AC-1-3 Lemuel (?Samuel) Addington, b. 10 Feb 1774, Fairfield Co., CT
AC-2 Thomas Addington, b. 17 Aug 1745, Fairfield Co., CT, d. 9 Sep 1752
AC-3 Hannah Addington, b. 17 Jul 1747, Fairfield Co., Connecticut
AC-4 Sarah Addington, b. 15 Aug 1750, Fairfield Co., CT
AC-5 Henry Addington, b. 13 Sep 1752, Greenwich Co., CT, d. Sep 1834, Oneida Co., NY (moved to Ballston
Spa, NY) (1790 Albany Co., NY, 1810 Albany Co., NY)
m. Susannah Hawxhurst
AC-5-1 Hosea Addington, b. 17 May 1774, NY, d. 7 Mar 1856, NY
m. Frances C. Underwood, b. 9 Jun 1783, d. 20 Jan 1846
AC-5-1-1 James H. Addington, b. 1813, NY, d. 17 May 1861, m. Marie Lumbard (1850 Oneida Co., NY)
AC-5-1-1-1 Henry L. Addington, b. 1840, NY
AC-5-1-1-2 Sherman Addington, b. 1843, NY
AC-5-1-1-3 Wayne S. Addington, b. 1847, NY
AC-5-1-2 Hosea C. Addington, b. c1817, NY
AC-5-1-3 Samuel H. Addington, b. 10 Jul 1821, NY, d. 12 Aug 1855, Whitestown, NY
AC-5-1-3-1 Alice Addington, b. c1848, NY
AC-5-1-4 Susan Addington, m. Almond Barnard
AC-5-1-5 Raney Ann Addington, m. Leander Richards
AC-5-1-6 Phoebe Addington, m. Porter Eastman
AC-5-1-7 Lydia Addington, m. William Clark
AC-5-2 Polly Addington, b. 1778, m. ? Baker
AC-5-3 Henry Addington, Jr., b. 4 May 1781, CT (1860 Oneida Co., NY), d. 23 Sep 1863, Oneida Co., NY
m. Phoebe Howland, b. 7 Sep 1787, d. 7 Jan 1832
AC-5-3-1 William Henry Addington, b. 19 Aug 1808, NY, m. 28 Feb 1828, Alvira Potter (1830 Erie Co., NY,
1850-60, Racine Co., WI, 1870 Mitchell Co., IA)
AC-5-3-1-1 Julia C. Addington, b. c1829, NY
AC-5-3-1-2 Alvira Addington, b. c1831, NY
AC-5-3-1-3 William H. Addington, b. c1834, PA, d. ? (1870 DeKalb Co., MO, 1880 Mitchell Co., IA)
m. Feb 1863, Gertrude E. Patton, b. 1841, WI, d 14 Jun 1889, Stacyville, IA
AC-5-3-1-3-1 Frank Addington, b. c1864, WI
AC-5-3-1-3-2 William H. Addington, b. Oct 1865, IA (1900 Mitchell Co., IA, 1920 Polk Co., IA)
m. Emma ?, b. Oct 1865 (William H. Addington m. Mary Barnes, 28 Jan 1883, Barry Co., MO)
AC-5-3-1-3-2-1 Ethel Addington, b. May 1891, IA
AC-5-3-1-3-2-2 Gertrude Addington, b. Jan 1897, IA
AC-5-3-1-3-3 Clinton H. Addington, b. 15 Nov 1868, IA (1900 & 1920 Mitchell Co., IA) m. Sarah ?
AC-5-3-1-3-3-1 Lois Addington, b. Feb 1900, IA
AC-5-3-1-4 Sarah M. Addington, b. c1839, NY
AC-5-3-1-5 Ann Addington, b. c1841, WI
AC-5-3-1-6 Cynthia Addington, b. c1845, WI
AC-5-3-1-7 Frank E. Addington, b. 22 Aug 1847, Racine Co., WI, d. ?, m. 10 Nov 1879, Alice M. Rolfe, b. 23
Nov 1856, WI (1880,1900 Mitchell Co., IA)
AC-5-3-1-7-1 Mary A. Addington, b. 21 Oct 1881
AC-5-3-1-7-2 Herbert Rolfe Addington, b. 17 Dec 1883, IA, d. Mar 1965, IA
m. Fannie ? (1920 Blackhawk Co., IA)
AC-5-3-1-7-3 Roger Frank Addington, b. 21 Oct 1885, IA, m. Ruth ? Gearheart (1920 Denver, CO)
AC-5-3-1-7-3-1 Edward Addington, b. c1898, KS
AC-5-3-1-7-4 George W. Addington, b. 10 Dec 1888, Stacyville, IA, d. Dec 1977, CA
AC-5-3-1-7-5 Margaret Addington, b. Aug 1891, IA
AC-5-3-1-7-6 Raymond E. Addington, b. 8 Feb 1894, Stacyville, IA, d. Apr 1975, IA
AC-5-3-2 Mary Ann Addington, b. 10 May 1810, m. 9 Mar 1831, Lemuel Booth
AC-5-3-3 Lydia Maria Addington, b. 10 Sep 1813, NY, d. 27 Jun 1876
AC-5-3-4 Phebe Caroline Addington, b. 22 Jun 1816, m. 19 Mar 1839, Duras Ellinwood
AC-5-3-5 Jane Abigail Addington, b. 2 May 1818, d. 19 Sep 1863
AC-5-3-6 David Charles Addington, b. 17 Nov 1821, NY, d. 19 Dec 1893, Oneida Co., NY
m. 19 Sep 1844, Emily Sellick, b. 11 May 1819, d. 16 Jul 1911
AC-5-3-6-1 Charles Herbert Addington, b. c1845, NY
AC-5-3-6-2 Harriet Addington, b. c1846, NY, d. bef. 1860
AC-5-3-6-3 Franklin Addington, b. 1852, NY
AC-5-3-6-4 Helen Addington, b. 1852, NY
AC-5-3-7 Isaac Lafayette Addington, b. 25 Feb 1824, NY, d. 14 Sep 1892
m. 3 Jun 1856, Harriet Eliza Saxton, b. 1830, d. 1906
AC-5-3-7-1 Mary C. Addington, b. c1859, NY
AC-5-3-7-2 Henry Addington, m. 1 Jan 1884, m. 2nd Oct 1887 (1900 Oneida Co., NY)
AC-5-3-7-2-1 Franklin Henry Addington, b. 19 Feb 1884, NY
AC-5-3-7-2-2 Mamie Gertrude Addington, b. Dec 1888, NY
AC-5-3-7-2-3 Arthur Griffiths Addington, b. Jan 1892, NY
AC-5-3-7-2-4 Howard Lafayette Addington, b. 8 Jan 1895, NY
AC-5-3-7-2-5 Dorothy Addington, b. Apr 1897, NY
AC-5-3-8 Almeda Susannah Addington, b. 10 Jan 1827
AC-5-3-9 Eliza Cordelia Addington, b. 20 Apr 1829, d. 3 May 1847
AC-5-4 Nancy Addington, b. 13 Sep 1783, d. 1871, Henry, IL, m. 1803, Philip Green
AC-5-5 Hawxhurst Addington, b. 1785, CT, d. 13 Feb 1870, Erie Co., NY (1850 & 1860 Erie Co., NY)
m. 1 Feb 1817, Erie Co., NY, Huldah Matilda Abbott, b. 1798, VT, d. 16 Sep 1885
AC-5-5-1 Caroline S. Addington, b. 1820, E. Hamburg, NY, m. William S. Smith
AC-5-5-2 Emeline H. Addington, b. 1822, Aurora, NY, m. Schuyler Jones
AC-5-5-3 Francis M. Addington, b. 1823, E. Hamburg, NY, d. 1866, Buffalo, m. 26 May 1863, William
AC-5-5-4 George Hawxhurst Addington, b. 25 Apr 1825, Erie Co., NY, d. 28 Aug 1885, Buffalo, NY
m. Elizabeth Allen Arnold, b. Jul 1831, NY
AC-5-5-4-1 Charles H. Addington, b. Dec 1852, (Charles, 47 in 1900 Erie Co., NY), m. Jeanette ?
AC-5-5-4-1-1 Eugene H. Addington, b. Apr 1883, NY
AC-5-5-4-1-2 George N. Addington, b. Jul 1884, NY
AC-5-5-4-1-3 Beret W. Addington, b. Sep 1886, NY
AC-5-5-4-1-4 Harry H. Addington, b. Sep 1890, NY
AC-5-5-4-2 William Hadwen Addington, b. 19 Oct 1854, East Aurora, NY (1900 Grundy Co., MO, 1920
Wilson Co., KS)
m. 15 Oct 1879, Orchard Park, NY, Ellen Amelia Mosher, b. c1855, NY
AC-5-5-4-2-1 Winifred Addington, b. May 1882, d. Jan 1892
AC-5-5-4-2-2 Katherine Addington, b. 2 Sep 1883, m. W. W. Tracy
AC-5-5-4-2-3 Francis Addington, b. 12 Apr 1885, d. Sep 1885
AC-5-5-4-2-4 James H. Addington, b. Jul 1886, d. Jan 1887
AC-5-5-4-2-5 Hadwen A. Addington, b. 14 Jun 1890, Trenton, MO, m. Madge Moore
AC-5-5-4-3 Emaline U. Addington, b. 1859
AC-5-5-5 Dewitt Clinton Addington, b. 12 Dec 1828, Aurora, Erie Co., NY, d. 2 Dec 1903, Battle Creek, MI
m. Heunella Bryan, b. c1835, NY
AC-5-5-5-1 Spencer Howard Addington, b. ?, d. young, Erie Co.
AC-5-5-5-2 Helen M. Addington, b. c1856, PA, m. Frederick Russell
AC-5-5-5-3 Aylett Amanda Addington, b. 1858, MI, m. Frank N. Wagner
AC-5-5-5 m. 2nd Maria Antoinette Davidson, b. 1845, NY
AC-5-5-6 Mary Frances Addington, b. c1833, NY (1850 Erie Co., NY)
AC-5-5-7 Miriam Carl Addington, b. c1836, NY (1850 Erie Co., NY)
AC-5-6 Susanna Addington
AC-5-7 Samuel H. Addington, b. 1791, NY, d. 23 Jan 1864, Erie Co., NY (1850 Erie Co., NY)
m. Mariah ?, b. c1803, NY, d 11 Feb 1862, Buffalo, NY
AC-5-7-1 Mary M. Addington, m. 3 Oct 1849, William H. Brown
AC-5-8 Isaac Addington, b. 1796, Oneida Co., NY, d. 29 Sep 1870, Aurora, Erie Co., NY (1850 & 1860 Erie
Co., NY)
m. 1833, Almeda ?, b. 1815, VT
AC-5-8-1 Harriet Addington, b. 1834, NY
AC-5-8 m. 2nd Aurelia Gates, b. 1815, VT, d. 18 Nov 1904
AC-5-8-2 Almeda E. Addington, b. c1850, d. c1872
AC-5-8-3 Gates Addington
AC-5-8-4 Henry Isaac Addington, b. 1854 (lived Wichita, KS)
m. Lillian M. (?Sophan)
AC-5-8-4-1 Roy Addington, b. 3 Dec 1885, KS
AC-5-8-4-2 Lillian Addington, b. c1889, KS
AC-5-8-4-3 Esther M. Addington, b. 1896, KS
AC-5-8-5 Charles S. Addington, b. Apr 1856, Aurora, Erie Co., NY (1900 Erie Co., NY census)
m. 1880, Grace A. Hall
AC-5-8-5-1 Hattie G. Addington, b. Jun 1881, NY
AC-5-8-5-2 Nellie M. Addington, b. Sep 1885, NY
AC-6 Elizabeth Addington, b. 7 Sep 1754
AC-7 William Addington, b. 9 Oct 1756, Fairfield Co., CT (moved to Nova Scotia after the Revolutionary War)
m. 24 Apr 1785, Mary Oaks
AC-7-1 Ebenezar Addington, b. 1786, d. ?, Little River, Digby Co., Nova Scotia
AC-7-1-1 Henry Addington, b. 1808, d. 1868, m. Susannah Denton, b. 1809, d. 1903
AC-7-1-1-? Leonard Addington, b. ?, d. 1886 (probably s/o Henry, could be brother)
AC-7-1-1-? Judson Addington, b. ?, d. 1887 (probably s/o Henry, could be brother)
AC-7-1-1-1 William Allan Addington, b. c1840-1850, d. ?, m. Mary Hannah Thurber
AC-7-1-1-1-1 Agnes Addington, b. 1869, d. ?, m. Wilber Denton
AC-7-1-1-1-2 George Nelson Addington, b. ?c1870-1880, d. ?, m. Clara Hully
AC-7-1-1-1-2-1 Elmer Franklin Addington, b. 1916, d. 1986
AC-7-1-1-1-2-1-1 Robert Addington, d. 1993, m. Paulina Hersey
AC-7-1-1-1-2-1-1-1 adopt. Jenny
AC-7-1-1-1-2-2 Edward Addington, b. 1919, d. 1974, m. Elaine Frost
AC-7-1-1-1-2-2-1 Marion Addington, m. Charles Thibadeau
AC-7-1-1-1-2-2-2 Donald Addington, m. Carol Carty
AC-7-1-1-1-2-2-2-1 Patricia Addington, m. Frank Brown
AC-7-1-1-1-2-2-3 William Addington, m. Deborah Bunkee
AC-7-1-1-1-2-2-3-1 Nadine Addington, b. 1976, m. Shawn Gavel
AC-7-1-1-1-2-2-3-2 Nicole Addington, b. 1976
AC-7-1-1-1-2-3 Lloyd George Addington, b. 1923, m. Isabel Thompson
AC-7-1-1-1-2-3-1 Louise Addington
AC-7-1-1-1-2-3-2 Carolyn Addington
AC-7-1-1-1-2-4 Leonard Henry Addington, b. 19??, d. 1989, m. Greta Crowe
AC-7-1-1-1-2-4-1 Leonard Curtis Addington, b. 1943, m. Yvonne Gaudet
AC-7-1-1-1-2-4-1-1 Andrea May Addington, b. 1968
AC-7-1-1-1-2-4-1-2 Denise Marie Addington, b. 1971, m. 1997, Craig Weir
AC-7-1-1-1-2-4-2 Malcolm Leroy Addington, b. 1952, m. Aimee Dugas
AC-7-1-1-1-2-4-2-1 John Malcolm Addington, b. 1972
AC-7-1-1-1-2-4-2-2 Jason William Addington, b. 1975
AC-7-1-1-1-2-4-2-3 Jennifer Marie Addington, b. 1978
AC-7-1-1-1-2-4-3 Ella Marie Addington, b. 1953, m. Eugene Henshaw
AC-7-1-1-1-2-4-3-1 William Leonard Henshaw
AC-7-1-1-1-3 Lydia M. Addington, b. 1876, d. 1905
AC-7-1-1-1-4 Emma R. Addington, b. 1890, d. 1905
AC-7-1-1-2 Reuben Addington, m. Mary E ?, b. 1839, d. 1870
AC-7-1-1-3 Hartford Addington, b. 1843, d. 1926, m. Louise
AC-7-1-1-4 Henrietta Addington, b. 1851, d. 1880, m. Charles R. Thurber
AC-7-1-1-5 Henry J. Addington, b. 1856, d. 1901, m. Emma R. Thurber, b. 1860, d. 1890
AC-7-1-1-5-1 Charles L. Addington, b. 1882, d. 1901
AC-7-1?-2 William Addington, b. c1808, ME, m. Ruth ? (1850 Lincoln Co., ME)
AC-7-1?-2-1 Rachel J. Addington. b. c 1833, ME
AC-7-1?-2-2 Cyrus Addington, b. c1835, ME
AC-7-1?-2-3 William Addington, b. c1839, ME
AC-7-1?-2-3-1 Frank Addington, b. c1881, ME
AC-7-1?-2-4 Elizabeth Addington, b. c1841, ME
AC-7-1?-2-5 Susan S. Addington, b. c1846, ME
AC-7-2 Jesse Addington, b. 1790 nfi
AC-7-3? William Addington, b. 1801, Nova Scotia (1850 & 1860 Aroostook Co., ME), m. Harriet ?
AC-7-3?-1 Henrietta Addington, b. 1840, ME
AC-7-3?-2 Marada A. Addington, b. 1842, ME
AC-7-3?-3 Theodore Addington, b. 1848, ME, m. Augusta ? (1880, 1900 & 1920 Aroostook Co., ME)
AC-7-3?-3-1 Murtie Addington, b. c1879, ME
AC-7-3?-3-2 Frank C. Addington, b. 12 Oct 1880, ME (1900 Providence, RI, 1920 Aroostook Co., ME)
m. Hattie Brown
AC-7-3?-3-2-1 Louis L. Addington, b. c1912, ME
AC-7-3?-3-2-2 Paul Revere Addington, b. c1913, Linneus, ME, m. Jennie Maud McQuarrie
AC-7-3?-3-3 Walter Addington, b. 6 Sep 1882, ME (1920 Aroostook Co., ME), m. Lizzie ?
AC-7-3?-3-3-1 Raymond Addington, b. c1918, ME
AC-7-3?-3-3-2 Pauline Addington, b. c1920, ME
AC-7-3?-3-4 Colman Addington, b. 17 Jun 1886, ME (1920 Aroostook Co., ME), m. Bertie ?
AC-7-3?-3-4-1 Lena Addington, b. 1907, ME
AC-7-3?-3-4-2 Murry Addington, b. c1912, ME
AC-7-3?-3-4-3 Lewellyn Addington, b. c1917, ME
AC-7-3?-4 C. Addington, b. c1851, ME
AC-7-3?-5 M. Addington, b. c1859, ME

AC-7-?-? R. Addington, b. c1828, Canada? (1860 Kingsclear, New Brunswick)
AC-7-?-?sp Charlotte Addington, b. c1796, Canada? (1860 St. Stephens, New Brunswick)

AC-8 Ebenezer Addington, b. 8 Sep 1758 no known descendants (? seaman reported captured and
exchanged during the Revolutionary War)


Other Addington Families of the United States

Massachusetts Addingtons

AI Isaac Addington, d. 1653 [Immigrant #1]
m. Anne Leverett
AI-1 Isaac Addington, Jr., b. 22 Jan 1645, d. 1712 (no surviving male descendants)
m. Elizabeth Bowen
AI-1-1 Elizabeth Addington, b. 21 Sep 1671, Boston, MA
AI-2 Ann Addington, b. 10 Mar 1647
m. Capt. Samuel Maudesley
AI-3 Rebeca Addington, b. 1649
m. Capt. Eleazer Davenport
AI-4 Sarah Addington, b. 11 Feb 1653
m. Judge Penn Townsend


Samuel Addington of England

AS Samuel Addington, lived Northampton, England
m. Mary Proctor

AS-1 Stephen Addington, b. ?, d. 6 Feb 1796, London
m. 13 Feb 1752, Norfolk, Eng., Agnes Reymes, b. 1728, d. 1810, London

AS-1-1 Maria (Mary) Addington, b. 1753, St. Ives, Huntington
m. John Symonds

AS-1-1-1 John Symonds, m. Mary Williams

AS-1-1-1-1 John Addington Symonds, b. 1807 Oxford, England, m. 1834 Harriet Sykes

AS-1-1-1-1-1 John Addington Symonds, b. 5 Oct 1840, Bristol, England, d. 19 Apr 1893, Rome, Italy

AS-1-2 Samuel Reymes Addington, b. 10 Feb 1755, Kettering, Northants.
m. 6 May 1783, Hannah Watson

AS-1-3 Stephen Addington, b. c1757, Welford, Northants, d. 27 May 1824, New York City [Immigrant #6]
m. Sarah Rhoda Brookfield, b. 1772, NJ, d. 1852, NJ (Sarah R. Addington, in 1850 Passaic Co., NJ
census, 78, b. NJ, in Henry and (daughter Elizabeth) Wadsworth household )

AS-1-3-1 Samuel Addington, b. c1805, PA (1850 NYC, Ward 5)
m. ? Emmeline ?, b. c1822, Canada

AS-1-3-2 William R. Addington, b. c1805, PA (1850 Dut. Co., NY)
m. Eliza A. Van Voorhis, b. 1805, NY
AS-1-3-2-1 Stephen Addington, b. 23 Nov 1828, Orange, NJ (1870 Colusa Co., CA), d. 4 May 1902, San
m. 24 Nov 1872, Elizabeth F. Hart, b. Aug 1849, IN, d. 27 Dec 1936, San Francisco
AS-1-3-2-2 Agnes Addington, b. c1833, NY
AS-1-3-2-3 Mary Addington, b. c1836, NY, m. ? Blackman
AS-1-3-2-4 Julia Addington, b. c1838, NY
AS-1-3-2-5 John C. Addington, b. c1839, NY, d. 28 Aug 1882 (moved to CA)
AS-1-3-3 Elizabeth Brookfield Addington, b.1815, PA (1850 Passaic Co., NJ)
m. Henry F. Wadsworth


New York/New Jersey Addingtons

1860 NY census, New York City, 14th Ward, pg 21
Addington, Mathew, 56, "tailor", b. England [Immigrant #10]

1860 NY census, Brooklyn, 14th Ward, pg 40
Addington, John, 56, "cooper", b. England [Immigrant #10A]
Addington, Mary, 56. b. England
Addington, Thomas, 32, b. England
Addington, Elizabeth, 24, b. England
Addington, Margaret, 22, b. England
Addington, George, 18, b. England
Addington, John, 18, b. England
Addington, Alfred H., 16, b. England
Addington, Isabella, 10, b. England

1900 NY census, New York City, Manhattan
Addington, E. R., age 27, b. Feb 1873, England - parents born Ireland [Immigrant #14]
Addington, Mary, age 22, b. Jun 1878, NY - parents born Ireland

1920 Oneida County, New York census
John J. Addington, age 46, b. Ireland, Citizen MA-1895 [Immigrant #17]
Ellen Addington, age 47, b. Ireland, Citizen MA-1895
Ellen V. Couley, age 25, b. NY (apparently daughter)
(born Ireland, possibly children of English soldiers stationed in Ireland)


St. Louis Addingtons

AW William Addington, b. 1796, Northampton, William s/o Samuel and Ann Addington, d. 1852, St. Louis,
MO (1850 St. Louis, MO census) [Immigrant #7]
m. Doretta (or Dorethea) ?, b. 1800, England
AW-1 Elizabeth Dorothy Addington, b. 1820, Ashley & Wilbarston, Northants., m. Elijah Saunders (lived
Allegan Town, PA)
AW-2 Ann Addington, b. 1822, m. Jeremiah Bates
AW-3 Joseph Addington, b. c1827, England, d. 1871 (1860 Albany Co., NY)
m. Margaret ?, b. c1826, Hesse-Darmstadt, Germany
AW-3-1 William Addington, b. c1844, NY (1880 Albany Co., NY, 1920 Albany Co., NY)
m. Elizabeth ?, b. c1846, NY
AW-3-1-1 George Addington, b. c1866, NY
AW-3-1-2 Archabold Addington, b. c1869, NY
AW-3-1-3 William Addington, b c1872, NY, m. Alice ?
AW-3-1-3-1 George Addington, b. c1898, NY
AW-3-1-3-2 Harold Addington, b. c1903, NY
AW-3-1-3-3 Ruth Addington, b. c1908, NY
AW-3-1-4 Mary Addington, b. Feb 1881, NY
AW-3-2 Margaret Addington, b. c1846, NY
AW-3-3 Clara Addington, b. c1848, NY
AW-3-4 Joseph Addington, b. c1857, NY (1900 Albany Co., NY, no family)
AW-3-5 George Addington, b 24 Apr 1860, Albany, NY (1900 Albany Co., NY)
m. 9 Nov 1890, Susie M. Stoffels, b. c1861, Albany, NY
AW-4 William Addington, Jr., b. 1822, England, d. 1850, MO
AW-5 Eliza Addington, b. 1825, England


Pennsylvania Addingtons

1850 Pennsylvania, Berks County census, pg 283 [Immigrant #9A]
Addington, John F., 49, "accountant", b. England

1850 Philadelphia census, pg 373 [Immigrant #9B]
Addington, Thomas, 40, "moulder", b. England

1850 Philadelphia census
Addington, Thomas, 12, b. England, in William Scott household [Immigrant #9C]

1900 Pennsylvania census, Montgomery County, Lower Mirian Township
William Addington, age 56, b. Mar 1844, England [Immigrant #15]
(year of immigration 1850 according to 1900 census)


Wisconsin Addingtons

1850 Brown County, Wisconsin
AJn John Addington, 32, b. England "Shoemaker", [Immigrant #8]

1860 Nebraska Obtoe County
AJn John Addington, 45, b. England (Shoemaker)
Harriet, 47, Ohio (prob. second marriage for Harriet)
William, 18, WI (prob. step-son)
Charles, 11, WI (prob. step-son)
John, 7, WI
Mary 3, WI
Robert, 2, WI
(no Addingtons in 1880 Nebraska Soundex)

Immigrant #8-5 Robert Addington, b. Dec 1856, WI (1900 Saline Co., NE)
wife Ottellia ?, age32, b. LA
Daisy, age 12, b. NE
Rosa L., age 11, b. NE
Alvin A., age 9, b. NE

1900 Milwaukee Co., Wisconsin
AE Edward Addington, age 49, b. Apr 1851, England [Immigrant #11]
Carrie Addington, 44, Aug 1855, England (immigrated in 1872)
Daisy Addington, 23, Nov 1876, WI
Violetta Addington, 17, WI

1880 Wisconsin census, Iowa County
Edwin Addington, 32, Eng/Eng
Caroline Addington 27, Eng/Eng
Daisey Addington, 3, Eng/Eng


Minnesota Addingtons

1900 Minnesota census, Washington Co.
Robert Addington 34, Jan 1863, Canada, Can/Eng, Can/Eng [Immigrant #13]
wife Lena, 35, MN + boarders
(1888 year of immigration)
The birth place of both Robert’s parents was listed as Canada/England so they may be some uncertainty
about where they were born.


California Addingtons

AJ-    Henry Addington, b. 1785-1798, m. Mary ?   

AJ-1-  Robert Addington, b.  c1816,  Banbury, Oxfordshire,  d. Jun 1886, Riding, Northumberland,   m. 5 Jun 1836, Whitechapel, Middlesex,  Charlotte  Wahler, b. c1816

 AJ-1-1-   Robert Addington, b. bapt 22 Jan 1837,  London Whitechapel St. Mary (1881 census Yorkshire), d. Oct 1903, Riding, Northumberland,  m. Harriet Smith, b. ca 1836, Yorkshire, d. 1898, Yorkshire

  AJ-1-1-1- James Addington, b. c1863, Cottingham, Yorkshire, England, d. 27 May 1931, Lakeport, Lake Co., CA, (1900 Calaveras Co., CA, 1910 San Mateo  Co., CA, 1920 Lake, Alameda Co., CA) [Immigrant #12] (arrived Philadelphia 28 May 1882)    m. c1888, CA, Valentina Sepulveda, b. 14 Feb 1861, San Fernando, d. 21 Nov 1952, Kern Co., CA,  m. 2nd Rose ? , b. c1899, England


 AJ-1-1-1-1 Robert Addington, b. 8 Aug 1889, Tehachapi, CA, d. 7 Feb 1960, Ventura Co., CA (1920 LA Co., CA), bur. Union Cemetery, Bakersfield, CA m. 15 Mar 1915, Louise Olme, d. 1895, CA, d. 3 Oct 1975, Kern Co., CA, bur. Union Cemetery, Bakersfield, CA

AJ-1-1-1-1-1 Robert James Addington, b. 10 Mar 1915, CA, d. 2 Dec 1996, Kerrn Co., CA, m. Bernice Amarai

 AJ-1-1-1-1-2 Anthony Harry Addington, b. 12 May 1917, LA Co., CA, d. 30 Nov 1996, Orange Co., CA, m. Elsie Pauline ?Ward, b. 9 Apr 1921, d. 20 Nov 2002

 AJ-1-1-1-1-2-1 Anthony Harry Addington, b. 16 Nov 1948, m. Lynda Sue McGregor 

 AJ-1-1-1-1-2-1-1 Melanie Lynn Addington, b. 28 Mar 1975

AJ-1-1-1-1-2-2    Candace Mae Addington, b. ?1952 

 AJ-1-1-1-1-3 Roberta Bernice Addington, b. 25 May 1921, LA Co., CA, d. 1996,  m. 11 Jun 1940, George William  Caputo

 AJ-1-1-1-1-4 Edgar Melvin Addington, b. 4 Jan 1924 LA Co., CA, d. 30 Nov 1999, bur. Willamette National Cemetery, Portland, OR,  MSgt , US Air Force,  WWII, Korea, Vietnam , m. Florence F. Persinger, div Jan 1970 

 AJ-1-1-1-1-5 William Eugene Addington, b. 30 Jun 1926, LA Co., CA, d. 1 Jan 1993, last residence Lampe, MI    cremated 

 AJ-1-1-1-1-6 ? Addington, b. 17 Sep 1930

 AJ-1-1-1-2 William Eugene Addington, b. 3 Feb 1894, Kern Co., CA, d. 14 Aug 1972, Kern Co., CA bur. Union Cemetery, Bakersfield, CA  m. 15 Mar 1912, Elma Rae Thornburg , m. 2nd Ruth Melissa Clickard

 AJ-1-1-1-2-1 Oma Flora Addington, b. 7 Jul 1914, Kern Co., CA, m. 20 Aug 1938, James William Claxton

 AJ-1-1-1-2-2 Wilma Jeanne Addington, b. 10 Jul 1920 Kern Co., CA, d. 8 Jun 1987, Kern Co., CA

 AJ-1-1-1-2-3 Russell Lynn Addington, b. 30 Mar 1923, Kern Co., CA, d. 1 Dec 2006, Bakersfield, CA, bur. Union Cem., Bakersfield, CA,  m. Jessie M. Lucero, m. 2nd Ruth M. Clickard, b. 1898, d. 1983

 AJ-1-1-1-2-3-1 Russell Rodney Addington, b. 24 Mar 1951, d. c1971, Maricopa Co., AZ,   Sp4  HQ Btry 13 Arty GP  Vietnam  m. Marie Alverez

 AJ-1-1-1-2-3-2 William L. Addington, b. 29 Jun 1952, d. 4 Jul 1952, Kern Co., CA

 AJ-1-1-1-2-3-3 Kathleen R. Addington, b. 7 Aug 1954

 AJ-1-1-1-3 Grace M. Addington, b. Jan 1896, CA

 AJ-1-1-1-4 Frank Addington, b. May 1898, CA, d. young

         Child of Rose: 

 AJ-1-1-1-5 Eileen Addington, b. c1914, CA

AJ-1-2-  Lavinia Addington, b. 1841, London, Middlesex, England,  m. John Holland

AJ-1-3-  Charlotte Anne Addington, b. 1843, London, Middlesex, England, d. 1913, Yorkshire East Riding,   m. 1864, Launcelot Simpson

AJ-1-4-  Edgar Addington, b. 1845, London, Middlesex, England,  d. 1892, Yorkshire East Riding

AJ-1-5-  Gideon Addington, b. 1849,  d. 1872,  m. 10 Apr 1868, Sarah Jane Grover

AJ-1-6-  Abraham  Addington, b. 1855, Hull, Yorkshire, d. 1870, Yorkshire, East Riding


1910 Butte County, California (also 1920 Multnomah Co., OR)
Addington, Robert B. or W., 30, Eng, Immigrant, parents born England [Immigrant #16]
boarder, no family (1905 year of immigration)

1920 Sacramento Co., CA
Archie Addington, age 30, b. England [Immigrant #18]


Probably mis-spellings of a different  family

1850 Wyanette Co., Ohio Census
Fageus Addington, b. c1797, VA
m. Elizabeth ?, b. c1804, VA
Benjamin Addington, b. c1823, OH
Edward Addington, b. c1829, OH
Taylor Addington, b. c1831, OH
Samuel Addington, b. c1835, OH
Elizabeth Addington, b. c1838, OH
Jane Addington, b. c1838, OH
Tom W. Addington, b. c1841. OH
William L. Addington, b. c1844, OH
Emma C. Addington, b. c1848, OH
Probably "Eddington" family, only listed as Addington in this one 1850 census

Probably Adlingtons:
Samuel Addington m. Jane Patridge, 25 Sep 1747, Kingston, Plymonth, MA
Silvia Addington, d/o Samuel Addington and Abigail, b. 27 May 1757, Kingston, Plymouth, MA
Martha A. Addington m. Nehemiah Sheldon, Thompson Co., CT 1 Aug 1841 (probably Adlingtons)

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